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What is dryland rewards?

Dryland Event Management is excited to announce the launch of the Dryland Rewards program. Over the years, Dryland has had incredible support from riders and runners from all over the world and the time has come to reward this loyalty. Athletes stand the chance to qualify for between 5% and 60% value back on their event entries, with the higher tiers qualifying for even more benefits.

Many of our loyal supporters take part in multiple Dryland events in a calendar year and often across different disciplines. We want to give value back as a reward and offer a discount structure on the entry fee during phase one, as well as a discount on certain products and services from our various partners during phase two.

The level of value back offered is determined by the rider/runner’s qualifying tier level. The opening tier levels are determined by the number of events the participant successfully completed during the last complete run of events.

This is a dynamic process and tier levels will change as the results of the different events are released. In other words, the relevance of an event result will expire as soon as the next event the following year takes place and subsequent results are confirmed.

How to earn points

The tiers work on a point system determined by the relative weight of an event compared to other events. The event weight is determined primarily by a combination of the number of riding/running days and the level of difficulty. Please see the events and the respective weighting below:

New events will not automatically be included within the system. In some instances, it may take up to 12 months to introduce a current event to the portfolio. A maximum of 265 points can be obtained for the coming season.

The launch of the Rewards program will see all riders and runners who have already entered an event at the full entry fee, and thus not being able to benefit from the Rewards discount, receiving a virtual discount voucher per the respective event.

Tier Levels

Please see the tier structure below in points with the qualifying discount for an entry in the last row:

An added benefit is on the cards in the near future for athletes on the top tiers whereby they will qualify for automatic accommodation upgrades, complimentary bike transport, technical back up or sports massages. In some instances, the top tier levels will even qualify for complimentary flights to and from the events.

We will also see the launch of the Rewards Partners from whom participants can then obtain certain discounts, services or value back when purchasing goods online. A list of participants will be issued with the related tier levels and then each individual has a limited time (please see the T&C’s below) to verify the results and submit queries should it be necessary.

Download the app now, and sign up to receive your rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign up for the Dryland Rewards program?

Yes, you have to sign up and register your profile on the Dryland Rewards App to receive your unique DL member number.

Does this apply to a team or only solo entries?

It does not matter, it applies to the person and is linked to your SA ID number.

May I give my discount to someone else?

No, discounts or any other benefit within the Rewards Program may not be transferred.

What happens if I sell my entry or do a substitution?

This has no bearing on your status – your tier is determined from your results, not your entry.

How do I earn points?

Your tier level is based on all the points you have accumulated. As soon as you are recognized as an official finisher you will be allocated points. If you do not complete an event within the race rules, no points are on offer.
Points are only valid for one year.

If I receive a discounted or complimentary entry do I still receive points?

Yes, you would receive points as per any other entry, but remember the points allocation is based on a successful result, not the entry.

What if I enter late?

The late entry fee still applies as per usual, you will receive a discount on the increased amount. The points earned remains the same.

Do I receive points for the shorter versions of an event?

(e.g. Momentum Health Attakwas Half presented by Biogen)

Currently, you will only receive points on the events listed within this program.

Download the app now, and sign up to receive your rewards

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    Terms & Conditions

    • Dryland Event Management (“Dryland”) reserves the right to change, alter or modify any terms of the Rewards program at any time Dryland deems fit.
    • Dryland reserves the right in the determination of a participants’ tier level, the discount structure he/she qualifies for and the determination of the voucher value issued to athletes who have already entered an event. Any decision in this regard is final.
    • Participants have until 30 November 2020 to submit a request for the amendment of their tier status. No queries after this date will be considered.
    • The program is effective and live from Monday 19 October 2020.
    • Points are only allocated to participants who complete an event within the prescribed event rules.
    • Points earned are not transferrable to another person.
    • Entries to events within the rewards program cannot be transferred to other events.
    • Participants on the Rewards program may not claim any other discounts or promotions that may be offered by Dryland from time to time, other than that offered by the Rewards program.
    • Rewards discounts are only applicable to the standard entry fee excluding ANY extras or upgrades.
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